Carpentry trainees and colleagues in the workshop

Carpentry trainees and colleagues in the workshop

Just back from the machine training, the apprentices from the first year of their apprenticeship started directly in the joint workshop on the topic of social media. Also on day two of the workshop, this time with some colleagues, many good ideas came together.


In the thick of things instead of just being there. The trainees at Hoffmann Interior live this motto every day. At yesterday's workshop, the trainees Jurek Terhörst, Cornelius Ebert and Justus Tauber, who began their training as carpenters last August, developed many good ideas.

Besides the "classic" training, there are always many other exciting offers on the agenda, such as today's workshop. They were accompanied by colleagues Elisabeth Benjamins and Tina Bokelmann and two external facilitators. Together they worked out a lot of good content about their training and how we can present it well to the outside world. Along the way, the three also gained insight into various methodologies such as brainstorming, working in small groups and presenting to the group. As a result, they came up with many great ideas.

A second workshop with experienced colleagues Clemens Büter, Felix Ammermann, Tina Bokelmann and Fabian Frie also produced more good approaches. Because Hoffmann Interior also has a lot to offer skilled workers: This includes flexitime, internal training programmes and individual development opportunities with plenty of scope for their own ideas.

Thanks to all of you for the good foundation you laid in the workshops.

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