Thomas Sabo

Seilergasse, Vienna

Customer's project specifications:

Implementation of the contemporaneous Thomas Sabo design concept in the historic city centre of Vienna. Reconstruction while operations were in progress.

Specific details:

The close link with the City of Vienna becomes obvious to visitors as soon as they enter the store: An almost life-sized theme can be found as a print behind the black, ash-veneered round showcase of the Charm Club collection, paying tribute to the Viennese Palace of Belevedere (the Italian for beautiful view). Wall installations reminiscent of VIP boxes at a theatre display the typical black and white stripes of Thomas Sabo’s Charm Club, with stucco mouldings and heavy draperies similar to the Opera Ball in the Vienna State Opera.

The clever use of high-gloss surfaces and indirect lighting around the wall installations create perspectives which add a feeling of width to the store. Moreover, high-gloss black surfaces were also used for the design of the mood wall in the entrance area. To create a perfect staging, showcases were suspended from the mood wall, seemingly hovering and held in place by carbon-covered chains. The interior of each showcase was finished off with a soft touch which, together with well targeted spotlights, creates a refined, velvet-like impression.

The same principle was applied to the illumination of the showcases and the sales counters. As a recurring design element, the cabinets were designed in black ash veneer and each base in stainless steel. What makes the glass cases with their beautifully crafted jewellery so special is that they can be moved out – including the glass panes – by means of a mechanical system, so that items can easily and conveniently be placed in the showcases.

Whereas the ladies’ collections – Charm Club, Women Watches, Special Addition and Glam & Soul – put a greater emphasis on playful details such as Murano glass chandeliers and custom-made chests of drawers, the designs in the men’s section are a little more on the earthy side. An eye-catching feature in the section Rebel at Heart is two vintage workbenches, specially customised for this purpose by Hoffmann Interior.

The drawers were given LED bands, leather covers and glass panes and were then fixed in place. This authentic industrial look was made perfect through the use of production lights. Another highlight in the black-themed men’s section is a large-format presentation wall where the principle was reversed: Whereas, in the entrance area on the opposite side, the showcases were placed in front of the mood wall, this section has showcases in presentation niches that are integrated flush into the wall, forming a marked contrast with the black wall, highlighted by the illumination.

With this store, which measures 160 square meters, the famous jewellery manufacturer pays homage to his home country, combining stylishly baroque and contemporary elements, so that the store has its own unique DNA.

More information:

Customer THOMAS SABO GmbH & Co. KG, Lauf a. d. Pegnitz
Industry Jewelery
Design Oliver Klöss, THOMAS SABO

Technical development

Manufactured elements

Rounded showcase element
Wall systems with high shine finish
Sales counter
Costumized vintage workbenches

Other projects Stores in Cologne, Oldenburg, Aachen, Frankfurt,
Zurich, London, Barcelona, Madrid

Realisation of Thomas Sabo roadshow concept

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