Optimal presentation of goods - as with KIND Hörgeräte


The new issue of, the magazine all about contemporary product presentation and trends in the area of point of sale, provides insights into the positive cooperation for our client KIND hHörgeräte. Together with our well-established network partners, Hoffmann Interior realised a modern branch in a very short time.

A harmonious interplay of shopfitting and lighting was created on the 300 square metres in Braunschweig. And when professionals work together, the result is convincing: Hoffmann Interior was the expert responsible for the areas of customised shopfitting, assembly and general contracting - the lighting professionals from DWD Concepts were responsible for the scenic lighting.

Ansgar Hellmich, Head of Architecture at KIND Hörgeräte, is delighted. Modern product presentation, dampening acoustic sound insulation and a friendly ambience characterise the location in Braunschweig. In this way, KIND consistently transfers the high level of perfection for hearing and vision aids into the design of its branches. Further new openings are already planned in cooperation with Hoffmann Interior.

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