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Airport Kloten, Zurich

Customer's project specifications:

The attention to detail offered by the luxury French label does not stop on the surface of the furniture. Instead, special attention is paid to the precise and delicate workmanship inside the very complex furniture, thus emphasising the high-end brand identity.

Specific details:

As a traditional French company whose origins are found in saddle making, the use of leather elements is an integral part of the interior design. Display tables and sales counters were therefore adorned with the finest quality leather.

The top was made of scratch-proof glass set in a smooth mitred and polished stainless steel frame, the drawer elements were fully zinc plated and the pedestal height was adapted to the 5.1 cm standard that can be found in all Hermès stores worldwide.

Overcoming the conditions on-site at Zurich Airport posed a particular challenge. An additional 5 cm had to be taken into account in the design of the façade, which also had an impact on the interior of the boutique. This also had to be considered with the technical specifications for the furniture and wall systems to ensure the global standard with the pedestal height.

Each Hermès project reflects the individual character of the label through elaborate details. For example Hermès Store Dublin (Brown Thomas, Grafton Street): Difficult preparations were required for the design of the furniture to make the front of the 2.65 m high room divider appear as if it was made from a single piece. First, the lamella look was broken down to a small grid using AutoCAD drawings. This resulted in 750 individual elements which later had into be joined like a puzzle in meticulous detail work. It also had to be ensured that the grain of the cherry wood lamellae remained consistent. The result is a uniform piece with virtually invisible integration of the drawers.

More information:

Customer Hermès International, France
Industry Luxury fashion articles
Design RDAI, France

Technical development

Manufactured elements

Wall installation
Presentation cabinets
Counter elements
Center space tables
Fitting Room

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Stores in Frankfurt, Dublin, Amsterdam, 
Manchester, Oslo

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International Sales

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