Discover new worlds (of work)

Nadine Fehmer and Johannes Stecking - both in the 2nd year of their apprenticeship at Hoffmann Ladenbau - ventured into a whole new world from 14 October to 2 November during their participation in the apprentice exchange programme. 

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Sneaker wall at the L&T sports store, Osnabrück

3,574 shoelaces. 1,794 reef knots. Brought to life on a wall roughly 25 m in length, the sneaker wall at the new L&T sports store in Osnabrück is an impressive architectural feat that truly raises the bar.

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Insight #1_2018: Digital Worlds

An expert interview on store digitalisation. Feature projects on the high street in Düsseldorf, Oslo and London. And information about the 5th newDeal Forum in Münster. This is what you can expect from the current issue of Hoffmann INSIGHT.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutique @ Harrods, London

Shimmering brass. Cast glass with a wave structure. Dark marble effects. Jaeger-LeCoultre was the first boutique to celebrate its reopening on 28 February in the completely redesigned Fine Watches Room of the long-standing Harrods store in London. 

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Navigation Partners through the Digital POS World

For retailers, digitalisation means the creation of digital worlds of experience at the POS. That is why Hoffmann Ladenbau expanded its portfolio in the digital retail sector and found a competent partner in the digital specialist Immersive Stories.

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